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Strategies for Conquering Fulfillment Work

Display samples for building materials can be tricky.

With the digitization of display samples, clients expect a much more customized and flexible experience when they are picking out building materials to put in their homes. Having a process that is inconvenient can put you at risk to lose business--especially if you are a smaller retailer. Additionally, poor or inaccurate lighting conditions of printed samples can distort what the image will end up looking like when installed in your clients' homes, potentially making them change their minds and/or think that they were sold a different product.


One of the worst problems that distributors face is that they are forced to mail out samples that are made of actual building materials such as stone, wood, tile, marble, etc., which are often extremely heavy and fragile. This process can be a real waste of time, money, and other resources, and it slows down the process of clients' picking out their materials significantly. Samples getting broken and needing to be replaced not only wastes money, but this can also lead to conflict and potentially lost sales.

With Precision Color Solutions, you have found the answer to all the difficulties with getting your display samples right!

We work with many different clients from many different industries, but the clients that seek us out the most are those in building material industries who need help with their samples. What is the alternative to these heavy and fragile in-store samples? That would be printed, lightweight samples made with advanced color matching and texture enhancing technology. These samples can be applied to any material, and are suitable for in-store viewing as well as mailing to clients' homes. Being lightweight and durable, they will not break being placed on shelves or during transport. In contrast to other printed samples, we make printed samples that are perfectly matched every time, with rich texture to simulate the real product almost exactly.

In addition to easy transport and stocking, our samples can be delivered directly to clients' homes in as little as 24 to 48 hours, without needing to be returned. The best part? Part of our advanced, custom-designed color matching technology, PCS Image Capture™, allows us to simulate any kind of lighting so that clients can see what their new product will look like where it is installed. This includes showroom, daylight, incandescent, and fluorescent. Any combination of lighting can be made using our custom lighting booths--a unique aspect of working with us.


Disadvantages of real

physical samples

• Can be very heavy and can break


• Actually pose a real liability issue if

they fall on a customer

• Can’t be transported easily

• Often require a substantial money

deposit for customers to take


• Can’t easily be suspended for

optimal in-home viewing

• Are not easy to keep in stock

• Are impractical to mail, and don’t

have a good distribution method

• Generally can’t be ordered online

Disadvantages of

traditional printed


• Inaccurate sample color gives

customers the wrong idea of what

it will look like when installed

• No texture enhancement to give a

3-dimensional impression

• Still takes a relatively long time to

get the samples to customers

• Generally have an inaccurate

and disappointing appearance,

potentially leading to loss of sales

• Color matches are neither

accurate nor reliably replicated

with every new set of samples

needed, leading to wasted time,

materials, and lost sales

Ready to fix your samples? Sign up with us today! Click here to get started. (Doppelganger, LLC is our affiliate company)

To view the Precision Color Solutions main website, please click on To learn more in-depth about PCS Image Capture™, click here.

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